Verity Stob Lives!

22 12 2007

The internet has just given me a surprise Christmas present – after losing track of her for many years, I’ve suddenly stumbled across a recent Verity Stob article.

It seems she is still going strong, and currently has her own column (or whatever you’d call it these days) on The Register at

Back in the days of .EXE magazine, it was a real treat to turn to the back page each month and find her unique brand of techie humour. It varied a lot, but was often pretty scathing on subjects that entirely deserved it, and was all the more funny for being devastatingly accurate. In the days before the internet made every possible opinion on everything instantly available, it sometimes seemed like the only sane voice amidst all the madness.

I especially remember articles like You May Start (on certification exams), Thirteen Ways to Loathe VB, the diaries of one Mrs Gates as she attempts to cope with an MS-powered home, and the biblical “History of the Borlandites” saga.

When .EXE folded, that seemed to be it. A Best of Verity Stob book suddenly appeared a couple of years ago, and makes it clear that since .EXE she has had items published in Dr Dobbs Journal and at The Register, but it didn’t sound like anything current or ongoing.

Then yesterday I innocently follow a link to something that sounded interesting, and found a strange little article at the end of it. Authored by one Verity Stob. And it isn’t alone.

Now this is entirely my own fault, but it had just never occurred to me to look for her – it was just something in the past that was gone and gone. It’s wonderful to find that she’s still writing. My only problem now is how to find the time to catch up on it all…

I guess I also need to try and remember everything I’ve ever liked, and do a search for it. Sometimes it seems like nothing stays in the past any more, but the problem is remembering to look!



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