About this blog…

Given my current work, this blog is likely to consist of a mix of announcements and examples relating to my ObMimic software and some more general postings about Java programming, development tools and perhaps system administration, though other technical subjects and random musings might creep in occasionally.

My aim is to post useful information and solutions to obscure problems as well as ObMimic news, but I’m keen to limit this to things that aren’t obvious or easily found elsewhere – even if this means it might sometimes be years between such posts.

About me…

I’m a seasoned developer with several decades of IT experience on projects big and small, with a couple of career breaks and a mid-career computer science degree thrown into the mix.

Since 1999 I’ve been focused mainly on Java, and since 2008 I’ve been running my own micro-ISV (OpenBrace Limited) and developing its ObMimic product and website.

After many years working on ObMimic, I’m now finding a bit more time to get into some newer tools and technologies, and to do a little freelance and consultancy work.

Commercial background before all this includes: Some big mainframe COBOL projects; early 80’s distributed mini-computer systems; some team leading, mentoring and “in-house” consultancy; lots of database work; some assorted “R&D”-type projects; a few years of C++ and Delphi programming; assorted work in various assemblers and 4GLs here and there; and then getting into Java and internet technologies. Plus all the odds and ends that one encounters along the way, or spends nights reading about.