About me…

I’m now potentially retired and enjoying some leisure time and new hobbies, but prior to this my working life has all been in system development and programming.

From 2008 to 2018 I ran my own tiny little company, OpenBrace Limited, developing a Java-based tool called “ObMimic” and its accompanying website. This provided a set of ready-made test-doubles for the Servlet API, for out-of-container testing of any code running on top of the Servlet API. I also did a little freelance/consultancy work alongside that.

Previous commercial background included: Some big mainframe COBOL projects; early 1980s distributed mini-computer systems; team leading, mentoring and in-house consultancy; lots of database work; some R&D-type projects; a few years of C++ and Delphi programming; various assembly languages and 4GLs; and then primarily Java and internet technologies from 1999 onwards. Together with all the various other odds and ends encountered along the way or read about late at night. Thrown into that mix were a couple of career breaks and a mid-career computer science degree.

Since closing OpenBrace I’ve been clearing the decks ready for whatever I might or might not decide to do next – though that might amount to just enjoying my retirement or finding myself some entirely new activities…

About this blog…

Originally this blog was used for articles and announcements about my “ObMimic” product, a variety of opinions on technical matters, and some solutions to specific technical problems that didn’t seem easily found elsewhere.

It’s now primarily used to host a page that replaces the previous OpenBrace/ObMimic website, for anybody following URLs that previously pointed to that website or that might still be using ObMimic.