Hire Me

ObMimic Consultancy

As the developer of OpenBrace Limited’s ObMimic library of test-doubles for out-of-container testing of Servlet API code, I can provide consultancy support for ObMimic and expertise in its use and customization.

Please contact me via OpenBrace Limited if you require any such services.

General Freelance Work

Do you occasionally need an experienced Java developer to review, fix or improve your code, tests or Javadoc — or to tackle other relatively mundane tasks that you don’t want to burden and distract your own developers with? Not willing to pay full-blown “consultancy” rates but still want an independent, professional Java developer, with English as their native language?

Depending on my workload and schedule I am sometimes available for a day or two per week of general Java freelance work, either remotely or on-site within London.

I can bring you a fresh pair of eyes, strong Java skills, good attention to detail and decades of programming and system development experience, at a reasonable and competitive daily rate.

Examples of work undertaken include:

  • Reviewing code and APIs.
  • Writing, reviewing or improving Javadoc.
  • Running Findbugs, PMD and/or Checkstyle against existing code and developing appropriate configuration files and fixes.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Project-specific customization of third-party open-source software (e.g. JForum).
  • Refactoring and simplifying existing code.
  • Updating existing code to take advantage of new language and JDK features.
  • General Java and Java EE programming.

If any of this would be useful to you or you have other tasks I might be able to help you with, please contact me either via this blog’s Contact Me page or via my company, OpenBrace Limited, using the details given on its Contact Us page.